GINZA STAND by Ko Nakamura / Mosaic Design

Ginza STAND Commercial, Interior Ginza, Tokyo, 2017


This is the new Interior Project designed by Mosaic Design which is the space for lent from 1 day as free market. It’s only 1 year limited project in Ginza, which is the most influenced and expensed commercial area in Japan, to let people use the spaces in cheap price and flexible period of time for the market. Walls, beams and ceiling remained as old fashioned interior and painted, and put grid by using rough wood columns and beams to make contrast with them. Market changes everyday, there might be many challenging shops because of its flexibility and low cost, this grid is standing to support such kind of daily changes.

Photo by: Kazutaka Fujimoto (Architectural Photo, no furniture)
Wataru Suzuki (Opened with furniture and peoples)
デザイン: 中村航 / 株式会社Mosaic Design
施工: 株式会社CPL
企画: 尾崎渉(株式会社まちピチュ)江口晋太朗 川上洋平