Mosaic Design Inc. is a Tokyo based design office for Architecture and Interior Design.

We are designing Retail, Restaurant, Market, Office, Commercial, Hotel, Residence, Renovation, Clinic, Educational, Cultural and Public etc. We are also trying to research and design new programs such as Food Carts, Street Markets, Pop-up stores, co-working place, or any other mixed use programs for a new normal.

Our main aim is to maximize the value of the client, site and users happily. With solving social/clients/urban/local problems which contemporary society/city usually has, we are going to create new ideas.


・Street Oriented
・POP Urbanism
・Super Flexible
・Space Makes People Happy
・Cultural Diversity
・Collaboration Based


  • Architectural design
  • Interior design
  • Landscape design
  • Urban design
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design
  • Research and planning
  • Consulting

We are happy to do any type of project such as Architecture, Renovation and Interior in any place, any city and any country. We are also offering to provide consultation and research as a think tank for all Architecture, City and the Society. Please feel free to contact us from contact form below.


  • Photo_Ko Nakamura, 中村航, Mosaic Design,

    Ko Nakamura Principal Architect, PhD, M. Eng

    1978 Born in Tokyo, 2002 B.Arch Nihon University Shinsuke Takamiya Lab, 2005 M.Eng Waseda University Nobuaki Furuya Lab, 2007-2009 Research Associate, Waseda University Nobuaki Furuya Lab, 2009-2010 Researcher, Waseda University Nobuaki Furuya Lab, 2010-2016 Assistant Professor of The University of Tokyo Kengo Kuma Lab, 2011 Ph.D Waseda University and founded Mosaic Design, 2017-2020 Lecturer of IAUD Meiji University
  • 栗生 はるか

    Haruka Kuryu Partner, Event Director, M. Eng

    1981 Born in Tokyo, 2004 B.Arch Waseda University Nobuaki Furuya Lab, 2005-6 Venice University, Italy, 2007 M.Eng Waseda University Nobuaki Furuya Lab, 2007-2011 NHK Art, 2011-2015 Course Assistant of Y-GSA, 2015- Course Assistant of Hosei University, 2016-2018 Lecturer of Waseda University
  • 渡邉 祥代

    Sachiyo Hirosawa (Watanabe) Associate, Architect, M. Eng

    B.Eng, M.Eng, Waseda University Nobuaki Furuya Lab, she joined Mosaic Design since 2011

Former Staff / Intern

Cécile Brissez (France) / Maite Margarho (Italy) / Lucia Filippini (Italy) / Taehyung Kim (South Korea) / Han Wu (Philipine) / Tian Tian Liu (USA) / Sonam Kalson (India) / Surijyatapa Ray Choudhury (India) / Yurika Orita (Japan)


Mosaic Design Inc.
1st Class Licensed Architect’s office (License No.61480)
Founder Ko Nakamura
Principal Architect Ko Nakamura (License No.334224)
113-0033 Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku Hongo 3-13-5 2F