Falò+ Restaurant, Interior Toranomon Hills, Tokyo, 2024


The 2nd restaurant of Daikanyama falò, which has become a popular restaurant and has been selected as a Michelin Bib Gourmand every year, has opened on the 4th floor of Toranomon Hills Station Tower, which was completed in 2023. While inheriting the Daikanyama falò’s style of ”Bonfire Italian” with only a counter surrounded by a charcoal grill, we are proposing a completely different space shape that suits the Toranomon context. A bubble-shaped counter that creates the experience of eating together around a fire while also creating a more intimate relationship with those seated at a table, as well as a terraced block ceiling that hides the exhaust hood over the charcoal grill and gas range. It is characterized by Similar to the Daikanyama falò, which has the concept of a primitive dining experience such as ”burning a fire and grilling meat in a cave”, the inside and outside walls and ceiling of the store are completely covered with wood wool cement boards, and the store sign is also made on the wood wool cement boards wall by stencil.

Falo+ / Piu falò
Restaurant, Toranomon Hills Station Tower, Tokyo, 2024

Client: Yasuhiko Miyaki / Munchy-Wunching, Noritaka Kashimura / Falo Daikanyama
MEP: Bunpei Magori (Supervisor)
Construction: SET UP
Photograph: Kazutaka Fujimoto