A+U Architecture Surrounding Food_Cover Scan 2024 April Ko Nakamura Keigo Kobayashi Mamiko Miyahara 食と建築 food & the city

A+U Architecture Surrounding Food Publication 2024

食と建築・都市を研究するFood & the City研究会での議論が元となり、生産から消費まで、巨大施設から極小施設まで、幅広い建築を、研究者によるエッセイと共に取り上げました。

A+U 2024 April Issue featured “Architecture Surrounding Food” by Ko Nakamura, Keigo Kobayashi (Waseda University) and Mamiko Miyahara (Saga University) as gust editors. This issue was started from the discussion in Food & the City Lab, many projects from wide range perspective such as from Production to Consumption, Large to small has been selected with researcher’s essay.