National Museum of Korean Literature NMKL Competition Mosaic Design Ko Nakamura 韓国文学館 コンペティション

National Museum of Korean Literature Museum, Competition Seoul, South Korea, 2021

Competition for National Museum of Korean Literature

Collaborate with:
Lee Dong Hoon (NASCA)
Lee Hyeri
Jung Yong Park

Structure: Yasuhiro Kaneda (yasuhirokaneda STRUCTURE)
Environment: Bumpei Magori (Mutron)
Visualization: Yosuke Asako (NAU Studio)

Project Team: Ko Nakamura, Cécile Brissez (Mosaic Design Inc.)

Collective of Culture and People
This proposal for the National Museum of Korean Literature (NMKL) respects how the Korean Literature has been thought with. It is about a many different aspects of Korean Cultures including society, history, context, people, experience or emotion etc. This Museum should be designed to provide a place all-inclusive these fragments of things. And it should have all kind of activities into one place together.

To realize this, the FIELD as a natural landscape or an internal plaza, and the CLOUD as a collective of fragmented small roofs create all-inclusive place and make everything together. This is a place for collective Korean Cultures and people.