Shenzhen Urban Village research and photo by Ko Nakamura, Mosaic Design

Happy New Year 2018



2017年はMosaic Designを株式会社化し、事務所も移転、再起一転いろいろなお仕事をさせていただきました。これまで続けてきた都市リサーチとデザインの融合が求められていることを肌で感じつつ、多様化する現代の様々な課題・新しいことに取り組む準備ができてきました。本年もよろしくお願いいたします。

Happy New Year
We hope you had a great year 2017, and will have a greater year 2018 too.

Shenzhen, China has problems about Urban Village which is extremely high density residential district, but through research trip to there, we found many possibilities they have as an alternatives of urban future residence.

Our firm, Mosaic Design Inc. re-started in new address. 2017, we had been working various types of project and we enjoyed it a lot. We will move forward to new direction to extend architectural design field 2018.

Mosaic Design
中村航 / Ko Nakamura