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Greeting for the new year 2024



昨年は、長年取り組んでおりました初の単著『POP URBANISM 屋台・マーケットがつくる都市』を学芸出版社より発売することができました。変化の時代において、仮設的にでも、屋台のような小さなビジネスが集まり、都市の中で新しい場を形成しているということを、そしてそのような動きが同時多発的に世界各国で起こっているということを36の事例と共にまとめた本です。是非お手にとっていただけたら幸いです。

そのような研究と連動し、設計活動の実践としても、表参道にフードトラックと単管足場等で仮説的な場を作ったB-Flat COMMUNEをつくることができました。こちらは2年限定のプロジェクトで、新しい流動的な商業のあり方を模索したものです。




Greeting for the new year 2024

July 1st 2024 There was a big earthquake in Hokuriku, Japan and an incident in Haneda Airport related rescue mission. We hope they are safe and would like to express our condolences for the people who lost lives in the disasters.

Last year, Ko Nakamura published “POP URBANISM” from Gakugei Publishing which is describing a new movement of micro urbanism to assemble people by correcting small businesses such as food trucks or markets in the world. The book is based on 36 examples of my 5+ years of recent research. If you are interested in it, I would be so grateful.

Based on the research, we are trying to realize the project to activate a city, B-Flat COMMUNE in one of them, a 2 year limited new type of commercial project.

And we have just finished a new restaurant named “falo+” in the brand new development “Toranomon Hills Station Tower”, 4th floor which will be open on Jan 16th. Please visit and enjoy the dinner and space.

Since what we can do is doing our best in our way at this moment, we will keep creating a better place, architecture and society in 2024 than last year. And we are happy to have an offer to collaborate with you in any situation. We hope you have a good year 2024.

Best regards,

Ko Nakamura